CASAs are a diverse group of well trained community volunteers who are appointed by the juvenile court to represent the "best interests" of children involved in the child welfare system.

CASA volunteers have been serving abused and neglected children in Clatsop County since 1992. Our 45 active CASA volunteers advocate for between 90 and 100 children, and we have a list of children who are waiting for a CASA volunteer. CASAs also help to focus community attention on local issues of child abuse and neglect.

CASAs across the country spend thousands of hours every year working on behalf of children now residing in safe, nurturing, permanent homes because of their efforts.


Christian Zupancic, President

Pat Milliman, Treasurer

Tita Montero, Vice President

Patsy Oser, Secretary

Phil Spencer

Renee Fruiht

Aleesha Nedd



Ann Lederer, Executive Director

Nakesha Womble, Program Manager

Francesca Lazzari, Office Manager/Program Manager Trainee


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